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After 5 years and over 260 pages, this Kannao story is finally complete! Trust, Comfort, Resolve, and Convection are now all combined into one handy PDF. Perfect for new readers, or for an easy re-read whenever you'd like.

We're also now offering a non-explicit version of Trust! Several pages have been merged or cut out entirely in order to remove any graphic depictions of sexual intimacy. Even so, this version does still contain sexual themes and nudity, and as such it is rated 18+.

By purchasing this collection, you are acquiring both the explicit and non-explicit versions. Which one you decide to read is up to your own discretion.

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Further details about each comic:


Kanji Tatsumi has been a simple and awkward pillar in Naoto Shirogane's life for some years now, and she feels she can trust him in a moment of weakness.
But Naoto's trust doesn't run as deep as Kanji would like...

100 pages, 18+ for dark themes and graphic sexual content.

Also available by itself for purchase here.

Comfort (Prequel)

On a sad wintry night, Naoto Shirogane finds herself milling outside a certain hospital, turning the night’s events over in her mind again and again.
Knowing her better than she’d like to admit, Kanji Tatsumi comes to collect her from her thoughts and offer a comforting presence.
And besides, he needs the company, too.

32 pages

Also available to read for free on the web here.

Resolve (Sequel)

Now that her business trip has given her time to mull things over, Naoto returns with some rather anticlimactic news...
But Kanji isn't about to take her lack of "convection" sitting down!
As the two struggle with the face they show society and the strange relationship they now have, they need to find a sense of completion from within before their external problems can be resolved.

60 pages

Also available to read for free on the web here, or as a pay-what-you-want PDF here.

Convection (Sequel)

Throughout all of these emotional ups and downs, Kanji has been a steady constant.
But that doesn’t mean his life has been carefree!
Sometimes the small steps of life can get lost in the drama all around.

72 pages

Also available to read for free on the web here, or as a pay-what-you-want PDF here.


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